Junior Padel Coaching at Marsa Sports Club

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Federation: Marsa Sports Club
Status: Coaching Course
Date: 14 Nov 22 - 6 Dec 22
Federation Delegate:
Tournament Director:

We are offering a 1 month block of junior Padel coaching (for ages 8 to 16 years) at the Marsa Sports Club. Find all the details below.

Padel is the fastest growing sport in the world for good, simple reasons: very easy to learn and a huge amount of fun to play.

What also sets Padel apart is the need to work with your partner (Padel is always played in doubles) which naturally helps children develop communication and team work as well problem solving skills and tactical thinking.

And the smaller, enclosed nature of the court, children are required to be in constant motion, allowing them to burn calories, while improving flexibility and co-ordination. It’s the perfect all round mental and physical work out for developing minds and bodies!

1 hour sessions available every Monday (15.30 to 18.30) and Tuesday (15.30 to 17.30).

Start Date: Monday 14th November
End Date: Tuesday 6th December

1 session per week (for 4 weeks): EUR60.00
2 sessions per week (for 4 weeks): EUR112.00

For any questions, please contact Duncan via WhatsApp on +447887726262

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