Nick Matthew Steel City Open

Sport(s): Racketlon

Federation: Federation of International Racketlon

Status: Challenger

Date: 20 Mar 20 - 22 Mar 20

Location: Hallamshire Tennis Squash

‘Racketlon has been something that has been on my radar for a number of years and something that I’ve always been keen to have a go at. With retirement I now have that opportunity, not only to compete but to host an event as well. Hallamshire has been my home club for 30 years and a perfect venue for such an event. I’ve heard great things about the Racketlon community and look forward to hosting them in Sheffield. Time to dust off my old Tennis & Badminton rackets!’ 

Nick Matthew OBE, 3 x World Squash Champion

Tournament Entry

Online entry for this tournament will open at 17.00 (GMT) / 18.00 (CET) on Friday 17th January – it is essential that players enter very early as there is a restriction of 70 players for this tournament and so we are likely to reach capacity within a few hours of entries being open.

Entry Restrictions: players may enter a maximum of 3 categories – either 2x singles and 1x doubles OR 2x doubles and 1x singles. As usual, it is only possible to enter 2x singles if one is an open category and the other is an age group category (junior or senior), or both singles are an age group category – you cannot enter 2x open singles (eg Men’s B and C).

Please make sure you have already purchased your 2020 FIR Player’s License for EUR15 (available HERE now) and then log onto the entry page on Tournament Software as soon as entries open – you can do this HERE


Manchester and Birmingham airports and then a regional train to Sheffield are probably the best options for international players…but it is also possible to fly into London airports and get a direct train to Sheffield from London’s Kings Cross or St Pancras stations – the train takes approx 2 hours to Sheffield and tickets cost between 20 to 35 euros one way if they are booked in advance. Train tickets in the UK are much more expensive when bought on the day of travel.

Tournament Hotel:

Information about the Tournament Hotel will be published on this page very soon.


Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club, 716 Eccleshall Rd, Sheffield S11 8TA, UK

Tournament Schedule:

This is a basic tournament schedule to allow players to make travel plans – more detailed information about the tournament will be released in mid January.


  • 09.00 : All doubles categories to start
  • 19.00: First rounds of some of the biggest open singles classes may begin (usually Men A, B, C)


  • 09.00: All age group singles start and all open singles start or continue


  • 09.00: All singles categories continue
  • 16.30: Prize giving ceremony


Much more information about this very special tournament will appear on this Page soon…if you want to play this tournament please do make sure you have an FIR Player’s License for 2020 and are ready to enter online as soon as the entries open otherwise you are likely to miss out!

See you in the Steel City soon…