Sport(s): Racketlon

Federation: Federation of International Racketlon

Status: World Championships

Date: 20 Nov 19 - 24 Nov 19

Location: Vienna House, Salzdahlumer Str. 137, 38126 Braunschweig, Germany

This is the first release of player information for the FIR Racketlon World Championships: 20th – 24th November 2019 and includes the following details:

  • Tournament Schedule
  • Accommodation
  • Travel

This will allow players to make their necessary advanced plans and bookings for the tournament. Further details about the tournament will be updated here over the next few months.

But if you need any further information now, please mail: duncan@dwsevents.com

With the hotel and sports centre all on the same site, wonderful sports facilities and a full programme of entertainment throughout the week, our aim is to make this the most enjoyable and player friendly world championships yet!

All the information on this page can also be downloaded as a pdf – please click:

WC2019 Schedule.Accommodation.Travel


See below for the earliest possible start time and latest possible finish time of every category in both the Teams and Singles. Depending on entries, it is possible that some categories may start later or end earlier than is published below.

- Seniors + Junior players can choose to play in 2 consecutive age group categories (eg u16 & u18 or o45&o50, but NOT, for example u16 & u21 or o45 & o55)

- u16 + u13 players cannot player in open singles categories, but can play for open teams

- Maximum 2 singles categories per player.

- Seniors, u18 & u21 players cannot play in both age group teams + any non-elite open teams. However we cannot guarantee that the schedule will allow players in age group teams to also play in elite teams.

- Entry will open here: ONLINE ENTRY in mid June

The open team category which has previously been in 3 divisions has now been replaced by 3 separate team competitions.
The 8 best teams will compete for the FIR World Cup, with the FIR Nations Cup the next category down, followed by the FIR Challenge Cup. All regulations and details around these 3 separate cup competitions will soon be sent to country representatives and also published online.

Team Schedule:

AM: 08.00 (earliest possible start) Night: 22.00

FIR World Cup: Thurs (AM) – Friday (Night)
FIR Nations Cup: Thurs (AM) – Friday (Night)
FIR Challenge Cup: Thurs (AM) – Friday (Night)

u13 Sat (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
u16 Sat (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
u21 Thurs (AM) – Sat (Night)

+40 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
+45 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
+55 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
+65 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)


Men’s A Friday (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
Women’s A Friday (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
Men’s B Friday (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
Women’s B Friday (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
Men’s C Thurs (18.00) – Sunday (16.00)
Women’s C Friday (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
Men’s D Thurs (18.00) – Sunday (16.00)
Men’s First Timers Wed (15.00) – Friday (Night)
Women’s First Timers Wed (15.00) – Friday (Night)

Juniors (Boys & Girls):
u13 Sat (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
u16 Sat (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
u18 Friday (AM) – Sunday (16.00)
u21 Friday (AM) – Sunday (16.00)

Seniors (Men & Women):
+40 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
+45 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
+50 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
+55 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
Seniors (Men):
+60 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
+65 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
+70 Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)

Further details over the coming months will be added to the tournament programme below. However, this gives players a general understanding about how the tournament will run as well as showing when some of the highlights will take place.

Tuesday 19th November

17.00 – 21.00 Practice courts available in all 4 sports
19.30 – 21.00 Tournament Registration open
Evening Entertainment: Welcome meal and drinks

Wednesday 20th November

08.00: All Seniors, Men & Women, Teams & Singles begin (which age groups start when and whether singles or teams, we can't say yet)
15.00: Men & Women First-Timers begin
Evening Entertainment: World Pub Quiz Challenge

Thursday 21st November

08.00: Elite & Open teams & u21 teams all start.
18.00 Men’s C & D singles begin
Evening Entertainment: Skittles (Kegeln) & Darts Challenge

Friday 22nd November

08.00: Men’s A, B singles, Women’s A,B, C singles, u21, u18 singles begin
Evening & Night Session:
FIR Challenge Cup team final
FIR Nations Cup team final
FIR Racketlon World Cup team final
Seniors & Teams Prize Ceremony
Evening Entertainment: Player’s Meal

Saturday 23rd November

08.00: u13 and u16, boys and girls (teams and singles) + Men’s & Women’s first timers start
Evening & Night Session: Women’s A semi-finals & Men’s A semi-finals
Evening Entertainment: Player’s Party

Sunday 24th November

Lunchtime: Women’s A & Men’s A final
16.00: Closing Prize Ceremony

Accommodation Details

Vienna House is a large hotel and sports complex with the rooms directly connected to the sports centre so you could be out of your room and on the courts in less than 30 seconds and not even have to step outdoors!
Please email: info.easy-braunschweig@viennahouse.com or call +49 531 2631 0 and you must use the code “Racketlon” in order to be put in the right area of the hotel and to guarantee the prices listed below.
The following is included for free for all players staying in the tournament hotel:
- Free use of the Spa complex: steam room, 2 saunas and indoor pool
- Extensive breakfast buffet (specifically designed to fuel a full day of sport)
- Wifi throughout hotel and sport’s venue
- Free parking
- TV Channel in their rooms with live stream of the courts (tbc)

All the evening entertainment on each night of the tournament will take place in the hotel/venue which has a large bar, restaurant and indoor wintergarden area – which are only a few steps from your bed!
Please book your rooms with the hotel early – we have a maximum of 150 rooms and we expect them to be full.

Double / Twin Rooms42.50 euros per person per night (85 euros for the room)
Single Room78 euros


Braunschweig – also known as Brunswick - is located in central Germany, 40 mins from Hanover, 2 hours from Berlin and Hamburg and 3 hours from Frankfurt.

By Car:
Vienna House Easy, Braunschweig
Salzdahlumer Str. 137
38126 Braunschweig

The nearest and best international airport to travel to HANOVER
It is 45 mins drive to the centre from the airport
And it is 30 mins by train from Hanover Hauptbahnhof to Braunschweig Hauptbahnhof

Berlin and Hamburg airports are also 2 hours drive/train from Braunschweig

Braunschweig Hauptbahnhof is 2km from Vienna House

There will be regular shuttles between Braunschweig Hauptbahnhof and Vienna House